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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why is the Flipclean Gutter System superior to gutter guards and other helmet type systems?

A: While there are numerous types of gutter covers, screens, and helmets on the market, Flipclean is the only system that allows you to KNOW your gutters are clean. When other systems inevitably clog with pine needles, tree pollen, spinners, pin oak leaves, shingle gravel, etc., there is no way to easily clean them without removing the cover. With the Flipclean Gutter System you can flip the gutters over and look inside them from the ground. You can SEE that they have emptied! It only takes 5 minutes to do the entire house from the safety of the ground! There are other advantages as well. You can simply flip the gutters over and paint or powerwash the boards behind them. Unlike with other gutter systems, we screw the hinge brackets rather than the gutter itself to your house. There are no nail or screw holes in the back panel of the gutter to cause water to leak into the facia and cause damage. Flipping your gutters over also allows you to rinse them out with a hose while still standing on the ground. Leaving your gutters upside down during a snowstorm prevents the buildup of ice dams and resulting water damage to your home. Safe, effective, durable, there are so many advantages to a gutter that flips!

Q: What is your system made of?

A: The gutters are made of heavy-gauge seamless aluminum, which is rolled out to fit the dimensions of your home. The hinges are made of extremely strong, thick tempered aluminum with a stainless steel pivot pin. These metals are entirely rust proof.

Q: Does it come in different colors to match my home?

A: Yes, it comes in a great variety of color options.

Q: Does it work on a two-story house?

A: Yes. Up to three stories tall is no problem. We provide you with the correct lightweight flipping pole to reach all the gutters on your home.

Q: Do I ever need to get on a ladder?

A: No! All maintenance of your system can be done from the safety of the ground with the provided lightweight flipping pole.

Q: Do you have to be strong to flip them?

A: No, anyone can do it. Many FlipClean customers are seniors who are done fooling with ladders or paying someone to clean their gutters. They can clean these gutters themselves. Other customers flip their gutters from their wheelchairs. You will be amazed how easy it is!

Q: Can you install your system on long sections of gutter and around corners?

A: Yes we are able to install our system on all types of rooflines including inside and outside corners and long seamless sections of gutter.

Q: How often should I flip my gutters?

A: During the spring and fall when there is more pollen and leaves falling you should flip them often, at least once every other week to keep them empty and flowing freely. After all, it only takes 5 minutes to know they are clean! The cleaner you keep them, the better all gutters work during heavy downpours. This is the only system on the market that lets you see they are clean and working without getting on a ladder.

Q: How do the gutters perform in snowstorms?

A: Flipclean Gutter Hinges are very strong and will support the static weight of snow and ice. However, it is not advisable to attempt to empty solid ice out of the gutters. You can dump fresh snow out of your gutters before it freezes. Some customers prefer leaving their gutters flipped down during a snowstorm to prevent ice from accumulating in the first place (thus avoiding ice dams). Once the storm is over and the snow on the roof begins to melt, the empty gutters can be uprighted to catch the runoff.

Q: What does the system cost?

A: The Flipclean Gutter System is very competitively priced. It will add value to your home with its ease of maintenance for years to come. All no obligation estimates are free. Call for more information (804) 233 - 4845, you will be glad you did!

Q: Is your system guaranteed?

Yes, all Flipclean Gutter Hinges carry a lifetime warranty.

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